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Advantages and disadvantages of commonly used plates in furniture and decoration industry

Advantages and disadvantages of commonly used plates in furniture and decoration industry:
This article will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of wood board, flower board, fiberboard, solid wood finger joint board and multi-layer solid wood board and solid wood particle board. What kind of board are they are; common sheet finish treatment, and finally attached There are environmental protection standards, I hope that I can help you when you choose furniture. Every plate has its own quality brand products. The advantages and disadvantages listed below are for most products, not for Partially speaking.
Wood board (commonly known as large core board)
The wood board (commonly known as the large core board) is a plywood with a solid wood core, and its vertical direction (different from the core sheet) is inferior in bending strength, but the transverse bending strength is high. Most of the market is now solid, glued, double-sided sanding, five-layer blockboard is the most commonly used sheet in the current decoration.

A. Blockboard has good clamping force and high strength. It has the characteristics of firmness, sound absorption and heat insulation. The blockboard water is not high, between 10% and 13%. It is easy to process and is used for furniture, doors and windows. Sets, partitions, false walls, heating covers, curtain boxes, etc., are the most widely used.
B. Because the interior is solid wood strip, the requirements for processing equipment are not high, which is convenient for on-site construction.
A. Because of the large amount of urinary glue used in the production process of wood board, the formaldehyde emission is generally high and the environmental standards are generally low, which is why most wood boards taste the thorn fan.
B. At present, most of the wood board in the market is cut corners during production. When the solid wood strip is spliced, the gap is large, and there is a void inside the board. If the nail is nailed in the gap, there is basically no nail holding force.
C. The solid wood strip inside the wood board is longitudinally spliced, so the vertical bending resistance is poor, and the long-term force will cause obvious lateral deformation of the board.
D, the solid wood strip inside the wood board is different in material, the density is different, only after simple drying treatment, it is easy to warp and deform; the structure is distorted and deformed, which affects the appearance and use effect.
E. Because the surface of the wood board is relatively rough, when the woodworking site is processed, a lot of glue or paint is usually used in the surface treatment. Therefore, the furniture made from the board is not environmentally friendly, which is why the taste is very exciting during the decoration. The main reason is that such on-site furniture is the culprits of tribute and genetic mutations, and the damage to the human body is very large.
Flower board
Chuanglang flower board is a piece of buds, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood and wood equivalents cut into certain specifications. After drying, mixing with rubber, hardener, waterproofing agent, etc. under certain temperature and pressure. A wood-based panel produced by pressing is called a flower-making board because its section is similar to a honeycomb.
Adding certain materials such as “moisture-proof factor” or “moisture-proof agent” inside the flower-making board has become a moisture-proof flower board that people usually talk about, which is called moisture-proof board. It has a certain moisture-proof effect because of the moisture-proof performance of the flower board itself. Stronger, it absorbs water and has a small expansion coefficient. It is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc., but in reality, it has become a tool for many labor-quality flower boards to cover up internal impurities. Adding green dyeing agent inside the flower-making board has formed the green-based flower-making board that is currently said by the market. Many manufacturers use it to mislead into a green environmental protection board. In fact, there is no scientific basis. The top brands of domestic and foreign brands are actually mostly colored substrates.

A, has good sound absorption and sound insulation; the flower board is insulated. Sound absorption
B. The inside is a granular shape with a cross-displacement structure, the performance in each direction is basically the same, the structure is relatively uniform, so the nail holding power is good, and the lateral load-bearing force is good.
C. Strong moisture-proof performance, small expansion coefficient after absorbing moisture, widely used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc.
C. The surface of the flower board is flat, the texture is true, and the passenger weight is even. The intentional error is small, and the pollution, aging resistance, and aesthetics can be filled with oil and various veneers; A, the internal structure is granular, and it is not easy to be milled; B. It is easy to cause violent teeth when cutting, so High processing equipment requirements; fiberboard (also known as MDF)
The fiberboard is made of plant fiber as the main raw material, and is processed by hot grinding, sizing, paving, hot pressing and the like. The fiberboard has a density, the density is below 450 kg/m3, which is called low-profile fiberboard, and the density is between 450-800 kg/m3, called medium density fiberboard (MDF), and the density is 800 kg/ Above the cubic meter is called hard fiberboard (HDF), and the hard-milling board is made with dry finished products. At the same time, he uses the dry laminate flooring to sign the wall.

A. The surface of the fiberboard is smooth and flat, and the material is fine, which is convenient for modeling and milling.
B. The toughness of the fiberboard is good, and it is not easy to break in the case of small thickness (such as 6MM, 3MM).
Try to stay:
A. The fiberboard is poorly covered, and the number of contacts after absorption of water is large or large.
B. The inside of the fiberboard is a powdery structure, and the nail holding force is poor. It is easy to loosen after the screw is tightened.
E. The fiber is marked in the production of cattle, because of its internal special components, the use of large amounts of protection, must be ground on the environmental soft number.
Anmu finger joint board
Finger joint board, also known as integrated board, laminated material, finger joint material, that is, a piece of solid wood piece that has been processed by deep processing like a "finger head", because the wooden board uses a jagged interface, similar to two fingers Cross docking, so called the finger joint board. Since the raw wood strips are cross-coupled, such a combined structure has a certain bonding force, and since the surface plate is not required to be adhered up and down, the glue used is extremely small.

Advantages: Since the joints of the solid wood panels are less, the amount of glue used is also less, so the environmental protection factor is relatively high. Easy to process, can be cut, drilled, sawed and shaped.
Disadvantages: Solid wood finger joints are easily deformed and cracked. Good solid wood finger joints are guaranteed but costly.
Solid wood particle board
The so-called solid wood particle board is actually a kind of sheet produced by the particle board process, which is also a kind of homogenous flower board.

The quality of the flower board will be dried by an advanced single-channel dryer. The expansion coefficient is small and the moisture-proof performance is very good. The creation of the film is oriented layer-by-layer paving, so its internal internal texture is uniform, more common. The flower board and the powdery MDF must have strong nail holding force, bending resistance and stability.
As a high-grade environmentally-friendly substrate, the directional structure of the flower-making board has been widely used by furniture manufacturers in Europe and the United States. The domestic high-end panel furniture market has also begun to adopt this type of board in large areas.
The multi-layer selling wood board is made of multi-layer plywood arranged in a vertical and horizontal direction, and the surface is made of high-quality solid wood sticking or technical wood as a fabric, and is produced by several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and health.

Due to the non-deformable characteristics of the multi-layer solid wood board and the good performance of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity, the surface layer solid wood skin material has the texture and feel of natural and real wood, so the selectivity is stronger. Therefore, it is highly regarded by consumers.
The multi-layer solid wood board has good structural stability, is not easy to be deformed, and is firm in quality. Due to the vertical and horizontal gluing, high temperature and high pressure, the deformation defects of the solid wood board are solved from the internal stress. In the production process, the use of self-made high-quality environmentally-friendly adhesives enables the release limit of the product to meet the national standard requirements and is environmentally friendly.
Main domestic plate brands (friends can provide some brands at the price above) Wood board: Fuhan board, takeoff, Penghong, Jinqiu
Finish 2AC-L into the AO red mark: the name Luocha
Name layer: Yang Ya
Common specifications for furniture panels
Common specifications: L2440*W1220 (now seems to be 2400*1200) play shrinking
Common thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm.25mm After understanding the board, we also need to understand the side of the board that is closely related to the environmental protection that we usually care about most.
The façade's finishes and substrates are produced in European factories and imported. We usually say that the large Asian plates, Jilin Sengong Lushuihe plates, etc. have not been carried out before the furniture manufacturers. The surface treatment, and the appearance we usually see, is the effect that the furniture manufacturer has achieved through different surface treatment processes. The following mainly talk about the common things that are known in the water, in addition to the use of paint coating. Finishing method.
The urethane finish is printed on the surface of the decorative paper and then impregnated with a tri-polyamide glue to form a urethane-coated paper, which is then pressed onto the substrate by high temperature. Because it has high requirements on the flatness of the surface of the substrate of the sheet, it is usually used for the surface finish of the flower board and the medium density board. Such a plate that has been trimmed with a melamine-cured surface is usually called a trichlorochloride plate, and the surface texture of the true trimeric ammonia plate has a thickness (gram weight) of decorative paper, and there are imported paper and domestic paper. The surface printing ink has the distinction between imported ink and domestic ink, and the effect is also very different.
According to the different dipping process, it is divided into three kinds of ammonia glue and semi-three ammonia glue, and the semi-three red wear-resistant system is not as good as all three red.
According to the different steel plates when the decorative paper is hot pressed, it is divided into different effects such as smooth surface, pockmark surface, relief, cloth pattern, corrugated surface and rain screen surface.
Solid wood veneer finish: The solid wood skin is attached to the MDF/Chuanghua board/multi-layer solid wood board by high-temperature hot press machine, and it becomes a solid wood veneer. Because the veneer has imported and domestically divided, precious wood Different from the ordinary wood, the choice range is large, so the size and thickness of the solid wood skin determine the low level of the solid wood veneer panel.
The surface of the solid wood veneer must be painted, because the veneer and the paint process are different, the same veneer is easy to make different effects, so the solid wood veneer has higher requirements on the skin and the paint process.
Because of its true feel, natural and high grade, the solid wood veneer is the main veneer used in high-end furniture at home and abroad, but the relative materials and manufacturing costs are relatively high.
At present, there is a popular science and technology veneer in China, which is popular among consumers because of its natural and natural texture, numerous patterns, no color difference and large size.
Cat's eye paper is a relatively thin decorative paper (also known as Boeing film). The material is mostly PVC. It is covered with white latex and applied to the surface of the furniture. Due to its ease of milling and styling, it is mainly used for the surface finish of medium density fiberboard. At the same time, the cat's eye paper finish, the wear resistance is poor, it is easy to leave scratches, easy to change the bubble, but the relative cost is low. At present, many of China's finished furniture preferred facing CCa Anmu violates the board, fireproof board finish
A large number of standard labels, attached to the surface of artificial boards or wood. Because the fireproof board has shrinkage, it does not pay attention to the process when it is attached, and it is easy to open the glue. Therefore, during the construction, the requirements for the glue are relatively high, and the price of the fireproof board with better quality is more expensive than the ordinary decorative panel. The thickness of the fireproof board is generally 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm.
Formaldehyde (HCHO), also known as ant awake, is a colorless gas with a spicy pungent odor. The gas density is 1.067 kg / m 3 and is easily soluble in water and ethanol. It is a gaseous state at normal temperature, usually in the form of an aqueous solution. It is a very strong fungicide with anti-business, sterilization and stability effects. 35-40% of the aqueous formaldehyde solution is commonly known as "formalin". Determined by the World Health Organization as a court and teratogenic substance.
Reasons for formaldehyde production from wood-based panels
(1) When the wood itself is dry, formaldehyde is generated due to internal decomposition. The smaller the density of wood, the stronger the ability to disperse formaldehyde.
(2) Glue used for bonding the substrate of the board is one of the main reasons for the production of formaldehyde. At present, the main glues on the market are urinary glue and urethane glue. The production process of urethane aldehyde glue is simple, and the equipment requirements are not high. Most of them are produced in many small workshops, but the formaldehyde emission is large, but because of its low price. It is mainly used by wood board, medium and low density fiberboard when the substrate is bonded with a large amount of glue. The tripoly hydrogen chloride glue is a new type of environmental protection water, and its production process and equipment requirements are relatively high. The formaldehyde content is lower, but the price is much more expensive than the urethane residue. It is generally used for high-grade plates.
Mainly in the sense of olfactory abnormalities, stimuli, allergies, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function and immune dysfunction. When the concentration reaches 0.06-0.07 mg/m3 per cubic meter of air, mild asthma occurs in children. When the formaldehyde content in the indoor air is 0.1mg/m3, there is odor and discomfort; when it reaches 0.5 mg/m3, it can irritate the eyes and cause tearing;
0.6 mg/m3 can cause discomfort or pain in the pharyngeal monkey. Higher concentrations can cause nausea and vomiting, cough and chest tightness, wheezing and even pulmonary edema; when it reaches 30mg/m3, it will immediately cause death.
Environmental standards
The environmental protection method for wood-based panels is to use a perforation value method to measure the amount of formic acid taken out from the board after a certain number of holes are passed through the sheet. At present, the standards referenced by the market for plates are roughly divided into national environmental standards and European standards. The parameters are:

National office furniture environmental standards
E1 grade per 100 g of product formaldehyde content ≤ 5-10 room gram (≤ 5-10mg / 100g) E2 grade per 100 g of product formaldehyde content ≤ 10-30 mg (≤ 10-30mg / 100g)
1u fruit p Niu sentence (WHO annual water demand) refers to the high school ruled with the yeast containing is dry 0,9 empty grams / liter: (Reference answer:)
2. Room Li Huizhong A drunk language high Xu Hengfu is 0.08 room / heart square dye: (Reference paint: GBT 16127-1095 room room gas in the drunken guardian standard)
3. The content of A in the national standard for drinking water in China is less than 0.9 mg/L: (Reference: Mandatory National Standard GB5749-2006)
4. The formaldehyde content specified in the national standard “Sanitary Standard for Alcoholic Alcohol” is less than 2 mg/L; (Reference: National Standard GB2758-2005)
5, the People's Republic of China national standard "solid wood composite floor" provisions: a class of solid wood composite floor formate release is less than and equal to 9 mg / 100 grams; b type of solid wood composite floor a drunk release is equal to 9 mg -40 mg / 100 g; (Test data: National Standard 6B/T18103-2000)
6. "Technical Requirements for National Environmental Labeling Products - Artificial Wood Panels" stipulates that the release rate of nails in artificial boards should be less than 0.20 mg/m3; the release amount of nails in wooden floors should be less than 0.12 mg/m3. (Reference: HJBZ 37-1999) So, although formaldehyde is a toxic substance, everyone does not have to talk about formaldehyde and discoloration. According to scientific reports, even the apples we eat contain a certain amount of formaldehyde.
There are several small ways to decorate the air:
1, purely to taste, you can use onions, peppers and other heavy smells placed in between.
2. In addition to deodorizing and removing the residual pollution, you can use more activated carbon, including bamboo charcoal and charcoal. It is sold on the outside market, and the price ranges from a few to tens of pieces. Some green plants, in order to achieve the role of clean air, but not completely eliminated.
No matter which of the above methods is used, it is impossible to completely remove the courts brought by the decoration and furniture products, but it can reduce the pollution until it meets the environmental protection standards. It is recommended to keep the newly renovated houses. Ventilation, it is best to vacate for a few months after the renovation and then move in and live. During the vacant period, all the windows are opened to allow the ventilation and ventilation to accelerate the volatilization. In addition, before purchasing furniture products, we must value the products that meet the environmental standards, and fundamentally reduce the emission of formaldehyde.
Adhere to the use of the best environmentally friendly furniture materials, production of the most environmentally friendly office furniture, to provide you with an environmentally friendly and healthy office space, welcome to consult and order.


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