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Office furniture layout will affect work efficiency and performance.

Today, office space is no longer confined to physical places. People can log in to a conference room to participate in meetings in the world through any Internet, and they can work together without having to meet each other! Technology has unwittingly shortened the gap between people and between, and also broke the traditional office style. The more advanced the skills, the closer the distance between office furniture becomes more important!
All along, companies regard office furniture as the company's fixed investment capital. Few people know the effect of office furniture layout in promoting staff communication and improving the company's overall performance. Therefore, most companies generally save this aspect as much as possible. The investment, some wealthy bosses are only planning the office is very luxurious, very temperament, or ask Mr. Feng Shui to decide the layout of the office space, there is no scientific planning!
Scientists have been stalking the people’s agendas, including how to make conversations, how to talk, how to move around in the office, where to go, what to do, etc. Some data scores lead to important conclusions, three successful communication Key elements; cross-group walking (interacting with other teams), intra-group communication (friendly with this group), social activities (expanding the interaction circle to a broader group).
After the office space planning to increase the probability of employee collisions, the possibility of the above activities can be improved. The data repeatedly proves that more communication between employees will bring about active results. In fact, no matter what content is talked about in our office leisure area, communication can always bring a lively change to a classmate's company a few days ago. When it comes to his company, some locals feel that it is very different, and the staff area uses it. The traditional card position screen in Guangdong office furniture, the screen is relatively high, the communication between the staff is very inconvenient, the direction of the screen card is also very unpleasant, and later came back to the planner, planning The division would be happy to give me some knowledge of office space planning in the office staff area. Let's share it with you.
First of all, when many enterprises choose Guangdong office furniture, the screen card position planning is not reasonable enough. Too high screen will prevent communication between employees. Therefore, when placing the screen office, the seat entrance and exit must be kept clear, and do not dispose of the mess. It should be a chapter of the cream, office in such a stylish office furniture will be clear ideas, power progress.
Secondly, there are not many cabinets and documents on the office desk. It is necessary to insist on the clearance of the office furniture office seat. This will make the small local airflow clear, the office transport will not be blocked, and the office will be more clear. Cool.


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